Made in Finland

We manufacture all our products in Finland, in Rovaniemi, which is Santa Claus home town.


Our factory is located a few kilometers from Santa Claus's village, which also has good logistical connections to the whole of World.

Manufacturing of products

We use only high quality and reliable materials because we want to offer only the best.

We want to support Finnish companies in material procurement as far as possible.

In manufacturing, we use automated processes where every detail is carefully considered. This ensures that the price of the product is competitive and the quality is consistent.

We personalize the products by laser engraving, for which we have versatile equipment.

Storage and packaging

In connection with the factory, there is a warehouse and a shipping office, from where we pack the orders for the world.

The online store has invested heavily in automation so that human errors have been minimized in the entire order - supply chain.